The Exhibitions

The main exhibit was designed to be a legacy of the project for Montserrat and is currently housed in the Montserrat National Trust following a preview in Norwich and its premiere at the Montserrat Literary Festival. The exhibit is a tall, walk-in pyramid resembling the shape of a volcano, similar to the ‘Soufrière Blow’ exhibit brought to St. Vincent in the ‘Disaster Passed’ sister project. Six large panels on the inside and outside of the exhibit capture the six broad themes that those we interviewed wanted covered. The content of these frames tries to commemorate the past, celebrate the creative response, and act as an educational tool and reminder of how volcanoes behave and how to respond to them. You can explore the same content (and more) along the six themes here.

Montserrat is nothing if not a musical island so we also added ‘Flow’. Flow has >1,700 LEDs in a column of ever-changing light and music. Flow refers not just to the magma, but to story and song, the continuous experience of living with and after the volcano and eruption. Flow is a collaboration with Output Arts who have created a central ‘conduit’ and associated audio that imagines the link between the seen and the unseen, memories and experiences told and unsaid. We hope that this adds a beautiful and dynamic audiovisual experience. All of the sounds, songs and interviews can also be experienced on this website.

A secondary exhibit called ‘Nest’ was created for the UK. ‘Nest’ was designed as a conversation starter, to enable us to share memories of the eruption with the diaspora, but also as a vehicle to share lessons of the crisis with policymakers and those who would respond to future disaster in the Caribbean.