Visiting Home

These accounts portray the feelings of a Montserratian woman who had left during the volcanic crisis as she returned to the island for a visit.

The last soundclip represents the complementary view of a Montserratian who stayed on the island during the eruption.

Montserrat Airport. Credit: Ed Clayton / Flickr / CC BY 2.0. Location: John A. Osborne Airport. Date: 28/11/2014

5. Volcano island

The Island Today: Living With Our Volcano

2000 +

The Island Today

The Volcano & Belham

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7. Voices from overseas

Making Hard Decisions to Leave View >

3. Everyday moments of life and laughter

Still Home Still Nice View >

2. Moving, Crossing and Leaving

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2. Moving, Crossing and Leaving

Refugee In Me Own Country




The North

West (Plymouth)

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